Porsche 996TT RS700

This 996 turbo belongs to a good regular client of ours that likes to do upgrages in stages. During its latest visit the car recieved its latest round of parts which put it at about 700 HP on race gas (100 octane) and about 660 Hp on pump gas. This car had a lot of other parts installed during previous visits that were required for this type of power level such as our hybrid billet wheel turbos among others. During this last visit it was all teid together. Besides the power kit there was other worked performed such as adjusting ride hight, adding spacers front and rear, alignment, and finding and fixing the source of the problem that led to "secondary air" fault codes. Also a pair of GT3 style seats were installed.  The list of parts during this visit is as follows:
  • GIAC software tune with switcher
  • Larger fuel injectors
  • Hitachi MAF
  • Tial waste-gates
  • IPD 74mm plenum
  • Larger 74mm throttle body